Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My trashcan has arrived! Yay!

I was planning to get it at Lowe's way back in August. It was supposed to be in on the 17th, then the 27th, then the 17th of September, then the 27th, etc, etc.... I wanted to wait it out at Lowe's cause I have a 10% off coupon, but I finally got tired of waiting, so I ordered it from No shipping, no tax, so it probably came out to about the same amount anyway. I love it! It fits perfect, it's "fingerprint proof", and it looks snazzy with the stainless countertops. Fabtacular!

I also ordered a lovely shower rack. I can't have a floor to ceiling standing corner thing, cause the shower has a barrel ceiling. So, I got the one that hangs from the shower head. It is adjustable up, down, and sideways and also has an adjustable suction cup, in case you have an inconvenient tile seam. Sounds great, right? I thought so.
But it doesn't fit.

Even if I take the hole cover-upper(technical term) away from the wall and put it behind there, which looks just great, BTW. It still doesn't fit. It pushes the bottom of the hose out. I don't want to ruin my nice showerhead, so back it goes.

Have go had any "fun" misadventures you thought would work out lately?

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