Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I was out for lunch today and stopped at a resale shop I had never been to. On Gravois near Sappington for any of you St. Louisans. The Exchange. Not a bad name, but they have been there since January and they don't have a sign up that is big enough to see from the road. I didn't even know it was there until Monday. The lady said it was a consignment/estate sales store. It seemed expensive. And not very well merchandised. The vignettes didn't flow and there were too many small clusters. All-in-all not worth a visit. I did however find a book. It was too expensive($5), but I bought it anyway. I couldn't resist.

It was printed in 1971. It is awesome. Check out these living rooms.

Lime green walls and matching drapes! A wood stove, rock walls, orange drapes, and a floor sconce!
But these don't hold a candle (hehe) to this couch!

I kinda want it... Sad, right?
Are you in the market for some wallpaper?

Here's a great before and after for you (I know you love them):
I definitely prefer the before, no?
More vintage disasters to come!


Haven and Home said...

Great find!

Kim said...

So funny! I wonder what everyone will think of us in 40 years. =)

PS - I didn't know you were in StL. I lived in Edwardsville for four years and St. Louis holds a place near and dear to my heart. =)