Monday, June 22, 2009


We don't close on our new house for two more weeks. It is so frustrating to know that you have so much work and fiscal hemorrhaging ahead, but to not be able to do anything about it. I want the Decor fairies to visit and make my house as beautiful as John and Sherry's or FC's. I know it doesn't happen immediately, but it is hard leaving a perfectly well decorated home to have to start all over. To make matters more complicated(in my head, at least), the new house is a totally different style and gender than our current house. Our house now is a small, white, 40's bungalow with stained glass and strong masculine bones. Our new house is an over sized, pink, 50's shingle and stone (I don't know what style) with a frilly, pastel quartz fireplace and it is definitely feminine, albeit a big-boned female. We don't have enough furniture to fill it and we don't have money to buy more.
Which, actually, wasn't really a problem with the first house. I think we paid money for like 4 furnishings in the entire house. The rest are hand-me-down and antiques(also hand-me-down, actually). Mr. picked out a chair for our living room all by himself. Now I know what you're thinking, but you'd be wrong. The chair is covered in flowered embroidery fabric. This chair has beautiful carvings in the wood surround, but it is the bane of my existence. What goes with a pastel flowered-y arm chair? It works now because the green of the leaves and stems coordinates with our walls, painted Sweet Annie by Olympic, which is a deep olive green. But this color paint will not coordinate in out new home. Plus I really prefer simple fabrics on furniture.
I bought our couch after a year of us watching T.V. on the floor or in separate chairs with the Christmas money my grandmother gave me. I was supposed to invest it. I consider brown leather sofa with brass studs an investment. Don't you?
Tell me... What pieces of furniture do you consider investments? Anything your significant other has brought home that you dread decorating around?

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Freckles Chick said...

*blushing* Awww, thx for the blog love, oona! Your new home has great bones! It just needs some TLC and your stylish touch. CONGRATS!!

I strongly believe in taking your time when it comes to buying furniture and stuff; even decorating! That way you find what you love and there's no settling for anything less.