Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dare to DIY Blog Party: Week #3

Dare to DIY

It's Week #3 for the Dare to DIY Blog Party over at the Newly Woodwards and this weeks theme is: Dare to... Eat Cookies!

I'm a few days late, but better late than never, right?? Right.

Mister loves him some Red Velvet Cake and he had a sucky day yesterday, so I thought I'd treat him with Paula Dean's Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies! Mine definitely don't look like the picture and I would make them smaller next time, but they turned out pretty great otherwise. Mister is sitting next to me snarfing them down, so I guess they are good enough for him!

Come join the fun over at Kim's and check out all the other links!


Kristina P. said...

Oooh, those look good! I made some Red Velvet cookies last weekend, but they weren't sandwich cookies. They were top rated on the Betty Crocker site, but I didn't LOVE them.

Leah said...

mmmmmmmm, sinful.

*claire* said...

omg yum!! i love love love red velvet!

(when i glanced at the pic really quick at first, i thought those were mini hamburgers and i laughed out loud! red velvet is def better than ground beef!) :)

great job on those!

Lucky Girl said...

Those look amazing! I've never tried a Red Velvet cake before (we don't really have them in Canada) but I hear its basically like Devils Food but with a bunch of red food coloring? I may need to try this!

*claire* said...

can i clarify my comment before? haha i didn't mean to insult your cookies, but instead to ridicule my failing eyesight! :)
(i was thinking back on how that probably sounded mean earlier!!)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I just discovered my love for red velvet this year. These are a must try. And what a good wife you are. =)

Thanks for linking up.

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

YUM! Just saw that Kim featured these cookies on her recap, too!

the cape on the corner said...

did not know you were such a baker! those look deelish.