Friday, July 30, 2010

Doggy Goodies: The Martha Edition

I was reading Jeannine's blog Small and Chic in Cville and she mentioned that Martha Stewart has a line of pet merchandise available at PetSmart. I haven't seen the merchandise in person yet, but there are some really cute options on the website! I especially love the food scoopers, as I've using the 1 cup measuring cup from my OXO set for the last year, since we got a second dog and Gidget can't free-feed anymore. In my opinion, the prices are really reasonable, too!

Martha Stewart Biscuit-Shaped Wall Hook

Adorable for leashes, coats, towels, etc. 

Martha Stewart Bone-Handle Treat Jar

The blue is fab! And it seals, so no stale cookies.

Martha Stewart Feeding Mat

Dozer drools all over the floor, so a food/water mat is not an optional item. This aqua would look prettier than the mossy green mat they currently have. Unfortunately, I doubt they have one big enough for three bowls. (*cough* make one *cough* I'd buy it *cough*)

Martha Stewart Food Scoops

Love these!

Martha Stewart Grooming Tote

Very cute way to keep grooming supplies organized. 

Martha Stewart Sequin Skeleton Sleeveless Tee

Potential Halloween costume for Dozer? Maybe? Wish it came in black, though, he's a filthy beast. 

Martha Stewart Skull Plush Chew Toy

Pure awesomeness. One of the reviewers commented that Martha must have lost her marbles to have designed a skull chew toy, but I think it's hilarious! Apparently it giggles like an insane person, but I'm pretty sure they will destroy the noisemaker in about 10 minutes. 

Martha Stewart Toy Storage Bin

I love how this has a cutout spot for pooch heads. I attempted to use a black mesh metal bin for their dog toys, but dumbass kept bashing his chin on the edge and spraying blood everywhere. Plus, Gidget the midget couldn't reach all the toys. Thirdly, it was on casters so every time Dozer got overexcited and grabbed a toy without pulling his head completely out of the bin it ended up across the room.

What do you think? Genius? Insanity? Would you buy Martha items for your furbabies? Do tell.


Danielle and Clint said...

OMG! I had no idea! LOVE the food scoops and think I may have to get one!

kBw said...

I had no idea Martha had all of this great stuff for dogs! I would buy these things for Miss Emma, for sure! I'm off to chek them out! Happy Friday!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I like the scoops, too. I think Martha is a huge dog person, judging by her magazine. She has several french bulldogs, if I remember correctly.

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

I wish Bailey didn't eat toys otherwise I'd get her that skull pull, too cute!