Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Menu for the Week of June 14th - 20th

We are running low on our "joint household" money for this week, so I thought I would try the ever popular Weekly Menu form of attack and see if I can waste less food. I continually buy things we don't need and it ends up going bad before we can eat it. Our house does not have central A/C, so it tends to get stuffy and humid quickly and since (I guess it's part of the reason) our kitchen cabinets are old-skool metal, breads and perishables tend to go bad like *snaps* THAT! Blink of an eye and the bread is a science experiment. Blech!

Menu for the Week of June 14th - 20th

Monday, June 14th

Tuesday, June 15th
The Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast w/Carrots and Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday, June 16th
Blackened Tilapia w/Oven Roasted Corn and Coconut Red Beans & Rice

Thursday, June 17th
Leftover Pot Roast with Rotini and Karen's Caeser Salad

Friday, June 18th 
Pan-Fried Salmon w/ Curried Cauliflower & Acorn Squash

Saturday, June 19th
Homemade Pizza! Yum!

Sunday, June 20th
FATHERS DAY!! Grilled Lime Shrimp at my parents! Boo-yah!
(I'll share the recipe next week. This is, by far, the greatest shrimp recipe EVER!)


Jordan said...

we always put our bread in the fridge, especially in the summer time. We never seem to be able to finish an entire loaf before it goes stale, and it has a MUCH longer life in the fridge.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Can't wait for the shrimp recipe. My mouth is totally watering.

Chateau 809 said...

I plan out weekly menus also! I'm finding it definitely helps in cutting down the amount we spend at the grocery store.