Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Flamingo

My dad hates getting presents. Despises it, really. But we always end up getting him something and so this year he beat me to it.
My parents have a thing for flamingos. Any flamingo. They have flamingo wine glasses where the stem is a leg and you have to be careful not to poke yourself in the eye with the head. They have double-walled acrylic low-ball glasses for sipping poolside. They have some random pink piece of metal that is supposed to be a flamingo which sways in the breeze. They have a metal planter which had seen better days.
When I was picking up my patio set (more to come on that tomorrow) to take to the sandblasters he told me I could take the flamingo along, then spraypaint it for his Father's Day gift. Well, I was totally on board, since he NEVER asks for/wants ANYTHING. EVER. Awesome. Easy peasy, right?
The sandblaster finally got my stuff back to me on Friday evening. This is what the flamingo looked like at that point:

And here's what he looked like after two cans and about a gazillion coats of Valspar Tulip Pink spraypaint:

I wish I had gotten a picture of him in his natural environment on Sunday, but jackass that I am I forgot. Big surprise there, right? I sent both parents this pic on their phones Saturday while I was working:

And asked "How do you like the color? Black on his eyes, beak, and/or feet?" My mom texts back immediately with "Looks good! All three!" My dad calls me two hours later to tell me there's a storm warning and to ask "What's this Google map you sent me?" The fact that my 60 year old father even knows what Google is cracks me up! And how exactly does this look like a topographical map? Anybody? Bueller?

I ended up only painting his eyes black, cause I didn't get to that point until ten o'clock Saturday night and cause he looked cute and I was afraid more black would look awkward. I also made sure to coat him with about six coats of Rustoleum lacquer in "Gloss", to keep him looking nice for a few years, but it didn't turn out all that shiny. Not sure why. It's a good thing spraypaint dries quick though, cause the last coat went on about an hour before I had to leave!


Jordan said...

haha, love it!
My dad is the exact opposite about presents; he's more like a five year old. We can get him all sorts of things and yet he'll still say 'hey, what about the such and such I said I wanted?" sigh. Have you heard of love languages? Because I'm pretty sure that gift giving is his.
Based on this project, maybe your dad's is acts of service?

Danielle and Clint said...

Great story! You know, my dad is the same way about gifts. He doesn't seem to like anything I get him or doesn't really act like he cares. So now I have learned just to get him socks. lol.

Anonymous said...

I freakin' love flamingos. I saw something similar to this at the flea market and someone snatched it before I could get to it. I was like, Who the heck likes flamingos?