Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Time!

I love my family! Is that dorky? I don't care. They are awesome, generous, fun, humorous, etc... My paternal grandmother, Nani, turned 90 on June 14th! 90! That's a reeeeaaaaallllllyyyy long life. We had a birthday party for her at my parents house, by the pool.

I didn't take this photo, my maternal grandmother did. I hope somebody got a shot where you can actually differentiate between people!

Can you see in the photo above, Gidget came along for the fun?
"Mo'om, stop taking my picture"

Do you recognize this room? Probably not, since it was buried under 6 feet of crap last time you saw it!

My SIL put this together using 90 Nips. My grandma is obsessed with Nips, my dad buys them for her and keeps her well stocked. I'm surprised she hasn't developed diabetes thanks to all the sugar! She cried when she first saw this with all the time Angie put into it and all the signatures...

My aunt brought those brownies all the way from Michigan and looking at this picture I JUST realized that I didn't try one... Oh well, I'm not a fan of brownies anyway. We also had a chocolate fountain, but I forgot to get a picture. I think the chocolate in those always tastes like ass no matter what kind you put in.

Happy Birthday, Nani!!


Kristina P. said...

Mmmm, I love brownies. I don't really love chocolate cake, but I do love moist, dense brownies.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

First you don't like Fresh Balsam, then you don't like brownies? I may break up with you.

Just kiddin, you are still cool. Less cool than me, though.