Friday, May 28, 2010

Fashion Friday

I went shopping with my cousins, Christi and Trish, and their friend/neighbor, Alicia Wednesday night.

Alicia, Trish, and Christi

Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale and I had $150 in Nordstrom Notes to spend! Hell yeah! Check out my new purty purse!

Yum-O! I LURVE IT! I have been wanting a white purse for years and I never found one that just screamed "BUY ME AND LUUUUURRRRVE ME!". Well, this one does. I never pay full price for a purse and the Nordstrom sales are usually good for a phenomenal deal. Utilizing my saved up Notes got me this purse for $10 + tax - Hells Yeah!

I really wanted this ridiculously awesome Kate Spade, but it was still $229.00 so it would have cost me, what?, $90?

This picture doesn't really do this purse justice, as it is fluorescent, screaming NEON pink. Alas, the girls said the white one was more "practical". Really? All three under the age of 21 and they are telling me to buy something because it is practical? What is wrong with todays youth? lol

They also took me to a brand new(to our mall) store called 'Charming Charlie'. Have you heard of it? It's like a Forever21, but for jewelery. Everything is arranged by color and style and is crazy cheap. I bought this lovely faux-silver-and-pearl pretty for $10!

I also bought a very similar necklace with hematite instead of pearls:

And a ribbon tie choker with large, purple plastic "gems":

Mr. HATES the purple one, so I may take it back. But then he also hates platform shoes and that doesn't stop me from buying them!

Have you purchased anything to get you ready for the summer season?

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