Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Friday

Have you been to the Gap recently? I hadn't been - until Wednesday. The Gap is not usually in my regular shopping rotation, but I do have some items from there. However, as it is THE ONLY clothing store that has not gone out of business in our neighborhood struggling mall, I stopped in. And was blown away! They have so much cute stuff this season! I was so bad. Check out some of the stuff I got:
This is so freaking cute I want to go back and get it in navy.

These look like jeans, but they are linen! So summery.

So yummy I bought them in khaki too! I feel like I should be on a yacht in these.

This shirt...

...paired with these jeans, make me feel like my name should be Ellie May Clampett. (In the best possible way, of course.)

I have a Banana Republic Visa card that I use for random stuff and they, in turn, send me Rewards. So on top of the $25 off a pair of jeans that the kid at the door handed me, I also used $70 in Rewards. Yay me! Plus, they then gave me a 20% off coupon for completing a survey about my purchases. Not too shabby... 

FYI: I didn't get any free crap for writing this post. {*pssst... "Hey Gap, send me cool shit!"}

Edit: I went back yesterday to get this skirt, which was haunting me:

This skirt is SO CUTE in person!

I intended to utilize my "20% off one full price item" from Wednesday. Well, as it turns out, as of yesterday all skirts and dresses are 40% off and all shirts are BOGO FREE! Including sale shirts. So I bought Mister a shirt:

Got myself the above mentioned stripey shirt in navy AND bought two T's for me (dark grey and white)! I now officially love the Gap.


Kelly said...

The skirt is adorable!

Hello Lover... said...

Those pants look super comfy!

Karena said...

You really made out at Gap & carry it all off with such style!! Good job!

Art by Karena

Freckles Chick said...

HELLO! I gots to get those pants!! Love their fit--long & lean. My stubby hobbit legs can use all the help they can get. Off to see if GAP still carries them. THANKS Oona!