Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Epic Story: Parental Kitchen Remodel

About 6 months ago now, the toilet in the guest bathroom on the 2nd floor at my parents house exploded. Something to do with the water level regulator not regulating. My mother came home to find water dripping into the kitchen. Luckily, my brother and S.I.L. live across the street and my brother was able to come over and help staunch the flow of water. Unfortunately (or a blessing in disguise), it was too late. Our State Farm guy sent over one of those disaster relief guys and he said lots of it needed to be replaced. Some of the kitchen cabinets were ruined, the ceiling in the kitchen, the ceiling in the hallway, the vanity in the upstairs bathroom, the vanity in my parents bathroom (it shares a wall), etc... They had been wanting to remodel for quite some time, but my indecision is hereditary, I get it from both of them! This "disaster" forced them to make choices. Here are some before shots (Okay, some are really just water damage shots):

 This toilet is the one that overflowed.

The main floor half-bath is directly below the flood zone.

 The water leaked all the way down the basement. 

The drywall had collapsed and there was water pouring out of the ceiling.

The restoration guys had to drill holes all over the ceiling and tear out a lot of drywall. 

This was the best shot I could find of the "before" kitchen floor. Linoleum parquet, klassy.

They decided to remove this wall while they were remodeling. 

The same wall from the kitchen side.

The wall to the left backs to the garage.

The maroon velvet curtains my mother had in the dining room. 

A detail shot of the original cabinetry and hardware. 

Past pantry, future fridge nook.

Aren't you loving the brown stove? It used to have a fridge to match. Yum. 

Past fridge nook, future pantry. They took part of this wall out, so the fridge wouldn't fit there anymore. 

The window is new, it used to be a garden window. 

Stay tuned for "in progress" pictures!

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Jordan said...

ooh fun! Looks like they really needed an update anyway! And this way insurance gets to pay for some of it, right?