Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Broken Dreams: Urban Outfitters

When my mother and I went to Chicago way back in November we went to Urban Outfitters in Schaumberg. The girl in front of me was buying a neon pink lamp that looked like a deer. I desperately coveted this lamp, but alas it was the last.
The Urban Outfitters in StL never got them and they never appeared online. Then low-and-behold in February, Design Sponge features Cassidi's table makeover and THERE IS MY LAMP!

I immediately got on UrbanOutfitters.com and sure enough, there it was. Yummy! I love a bit of kitch mixed into my home. I waited for a Free Shipping event and then I ordered him.
He came last week, I got him out, and look at this:

And part of the shade was crushed/dented. I was furious and immediately packed him up to send back... But then I look at this picture:

And I can't help but think how cute he is!

What do you think? Send him back? Call them and ask them to send me a replacement shade? Or do I just spray paint it a glossy white and turn the slightly crumpled side to the wall?


Danielle and Clint said...

I would contact them and tell them what happened. Maybe they could send you a new shade!

Jordan said...

yeah, don't send him back. What if they don't have any more to replace him and he gets broken on the way back to the store or something?? I'm the type of person to just say o-well and fix it myself, though most people would probably at least call and see about a replacement shade.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I would definitely call and check, but if nothing comes of it, I'd keep it. It's adorable. So funky!