Monday, September 14, 2009

Ikea Madness!

I have been planning a trip to Ikea for about a month now, but hadn't nailed down a date. The closest one to our house in St. Louis is Bollingbrook, IL, which is about 300 miles away. My cousin was supposed to join me, but attempting to work around both our weekend schedules was a bit of a hassle. So Friday I decided I was just going to go on my own. Ha! I am apparently slightly delusional when it comes to stuff like this. I thought I would leave first thing Saturday morning, get there around noon, and drive home Saturday night.

I guess I don't realize just how far 300 miles is. My mom decided to come with me. She thought we should drive to the Schaumberg location instead and hit Nordstroms rack Saturday evening and then hit Ikea first thing Sunday. Much better plan. My budget was $2,000 and I ended up with two carts and a flat cart totally full to overflowing. And I left without any rug, planters, and home accessories...

I went home with:

White Bergsbo Cabinet for the Living Room

White 72" Expedit for the Office

2 Black/Brown Billy/ Byom combinations with the height extender for the Master bedroom

Black/Brown Hemnes Storage Bench for the end of the bed in the Master Bedroom

Black/Brown Malm 6-drawer dresser for the Master Bedroom

Plus, 2 Engan under-the-bed storage drawers in black/brown and a cartload of the Kassette organization boxes and mag. storage in black and white.

The bed of my truck was full to overflowing with the furniture boxes and the backseat was jam-packed!

I want to go back next month or November for some accessories, frames, and rugs. I love Ikea!


Anonymous said...

I must ask... how did you fit it all?!!! I'm wanting to go up to IL to buy a Billy bookcase system but the cost of a uHaul is $249 not including gas. Cost to ship is $375. We have Tahoe... is it actually possible to use our own car? I see you purchased many big items... I have no idea how big the boxes are.

Oonafey said...

The Bergsbo came in 3 or 4 boxes. The Expedit came in 3. The Malm dresser came in 2. The Billy bookcases each came in 1 box each, plus 1 box per door. The Hemnes bench came in one box. DO NOT attempt to get these boxes off the shelves or load them into a truck without a large male present. The lightest boxes were the underbed storage at 28 lbs. each, the heaviest box weighed in somewhere around 86 lbs. I have a Toyota Tundra with a six foot bed. Some items were 72" so those went on top of everything else. We waited around (actually pestered employees) until some Ikea sponsored heavy lifters came around to load the heavy items into the bed, then I strapped them down with my handy-dandy latchy-strappy thingies(technical term). The entire extended cab area was full to overflowing with smaller items. And just remember that Ikea is a DIY kind of store. If you get $2,000 worth of giant heavy crap and extras, you get to figure out how to get it home. Lucky you! I was completely delusional to think that I could have possibly done it myself. Gas cost approx. $90, plus my mom sprung for the hotel, which was like $75. Definitely cheaper than shipping!

Leigh said...

thanks for all the info... suppose I need to go and measure the Tahoe with all the seats removed!! I wish an Ikea would come to Saint Louis!