Monday, December 21, 2009

Etsy Pillow Extravaganza!

I love Etsy! I love pillows! A match made in heaven, really... Where else can you find an eco-felt pillow with a tiger and a deer saying "omfg."? Why would a tiger be attacking a deer anyway... that just makes it more ironic, yes?

She also has a supercute skull pillow for all you pirate lovers! I, for one, love anything with a kitchy skull and crossbones... Especially if it's pink!!

I also love pretty, classic pillows. Aren't these just lovely? She has many more.


These are for all you "modern traditionalists" out there. I love the colors she offers.


Who needs a last minute Christmas idea?

A classy damask option...  Ellen has a great selection of beautiful items at very reasonable prices. This fab 16" pillow cover is only $16.00!

Let's  finish things off with a bit of whimsy, shall we?

Obviously, I have eclectic/diverse tastes. That is making my home decor decisions VERY difficult. What kinds of pillows do you like? Do you think the style of your accessories, such as pillows, needs to "match" the style of your decor or do you find perfect coordination stifling?


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Kelly said...

Love the damask option!