Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Light Switch Covers

Help! The light switch covers in our house are gross, fade-y, yellowed yuckiness. They need to be replaced like yesterday. In the old house I replaced all the covers with lovely chocolatey carved wooden ones which matched the trim, even though we rented.

It made a HUGE difference. I just figured I would keep the old ones and then put them back on when we moved. So that's what I did. But here's the problem. Our wood in this house is not lovely, nor is it remotely chocolatey. It's sort of an orangey blah. Mr.'s mom calls it Honey Oak. I call it Impossible to Match. So my investment plate covers are out the window. Bah.

That decided I need a new plan. Most of the fixtures in the house are brushed or chromed silver/nickle. So I went to Lowe's and they have three options. All of which are going to cost me more than the fabric for my curtains(which I picked, by the way). Grrr. So help me out here:

I think the chrome is just going to be too shiny and a magnet for fingerprints. And let's face it, I am not the most motivated housekeeper in the world, so thinking I'll shine the light switch covers is a freaking joke.

 I very much like this one. Sophisticated and not too grandma or flashy. But I am afraid it won't fit in the spot next to the door, as seen in the next photo.

This one is the closest to the ones in the bathrooms, except they are shiny. I had to shove a bit to get this one to lay flat and screw in nicely. (Insert dirty joke here.) But these don't speak to me and, frankly, they're a little boring. But I'm nervous about fitting the middle one in this space. And maybe boring is best, it is just a light switch plate, after all.

Any thoughts? Did/do your switch plates bother you or am I a little nutty? 


Kelly said...

Ours are white, which I highly recommend not getting. I wipe finger prints off of them constantly (especially the ones in the kitchen). I like the middle picture of the brushed chrome...

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Ohhh, me likey! They look really good.