Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Dog

We have been in talks about a new dog for about a year ago. Mister goes back and forth. It wasn't super practical before because we rented and weren't even supposed to have Gidget. Oops. Now we own, but we don't have a fence. She does fine, knows her boundaries, comes when called, etc., but what if new boy dog does not?
Well recently the Human Society of Missouri, in conjunction with like 5 other states, led a massive raid of dog-fighting rings. Yay! Now they have 500 pits in a safehouse-type place somewhere. Plus, they have had something like 60 puppies since confiscating these dogs. So sad. My mothers next-door neighbor works for the Humane Society and I jumped on the puppy tidbits as soon as I heard. We know we want a boy, big head, but not too gargoyle-y/nothing to make mothers grab their children and run.
Today Mister decided to look at Craigslist for dogs in the area and he found this big boy:

Both of us would prefer to take a dog that has nowhere else to go and while I doubt these people would just dump their dog, he does need a new home. And he is adorable. His name is Dozer, he is six, and they claim he is good with other dogs and kids. We'll see. We are going for a home visit with Gidge tomorrow. Mini road trip, as they live even further out in the boonies than we do, in Bonne Terre, Mo.

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Kristin said...

I hope you made a canine connection. : )