Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I really need to start focusing on my own ideas for my house and stop living vicariously through all you people. I have ideas, but I cannot focus them. I see things at night when I try to sleep, but never write them down. I have no sketching abilities, but possibly I need to start trying. I need to at least get the measurements of my rooms, windows, etc. I have been a major slacker in the home department. It's really quite sad and pathetic. I try to run errands at lunch, but I get so overwhelmed that I forget half the things I went out for.
Today I decided I was going to go to Lowe's for two trashcans. One for recycling for the kitchen (slim line) and one for actual trash in the lower level (half-circle). The one for the kitchen has to be narrower than 11 inches and must be metal, as it will slide in between the stove and the radiator. I have no place else for it to go. We recycle practically everything, so a countertop or under sink option is simply impractical. We do have a small can under the kitchen sink for actual trash and this can will get dumped into the larger (hypothetical) half-circle one in the basement. So, I decided on a slim line 35L Simple Human trashcan I saw at Lowe's. They were out of it. They were also out of the Simple Human half-circle one. Grrr... Plus, these damn trash cans are $80!!!

I got on Lowe's website when I got back to work and realized the all-stainless ones that I actually want is $130! For a flippin' trash can.

So now I'm thinking, if I have to spend $130 on a trash can, why not spend $180 and get one that lets me separate my recycling. Because, get this, no one offers curbside recycling to High Ridge! Damn rednecks. And Mr. is very particular and, for some reason, does not want me bringing our recycling to work with me, which is lovely single-sort. So, if I have to take my recycling somewhere, not only do I waste plastic bags toting the shit around, I have to separate it myself. Either at home or when I get there (yuck!). Grrr again.

Then I saw the Oxo version in the Crate & Barrel Best Buys catalog and we all know how I feel about Oxo. Except it only gets a 3.2 out of 5 in the reviews section. Meh. A 3.2 is not worth $130. The Simple Human got a 4.6, which is pretty impressive. But in the long run, it's a damn trash can. Is it really worth $130-$180? Seems a little crazy to me. But them I will have to look at and use it numerous times a day, every day and I know I will not be happy with a yucky plastic monstrosity. Choices, choices. If you haven't noticed by now, I do not make decisions well. In fact, I don't tend to make decisions at all, until Mr. freaks out and bitches about whatever I have been dragging my feet on. Except he is already bitching about this.


Kim said...

We ended up with 2 simple human trashcans, one for recycling, one for garbage. Both are slimline and not the stainless (I guess they are plasticy?). We like them and they hold up well, but we ONLY got them because we had gift cards to BB&B. I cannot say we would have spent the money otherwise.

On one hand, you use the trash can a lot. On the other hand, there may be better uses of the dollars....

I'm not helping, am I? I'm not good about decisions either. =)

Lynett said...

HEHE! I think $180 is absurd to pay for a trash can, but, since you guys are serious about recycling and you are going to use it everyday-allday-for a long time, I say go for it!