Monday, June 29, 2009


We close on our house on Thursday. It has been such a long time since we saw it and put the offer in, I barely remember what it looks like. I was hoping to have some ideas in place before we had to start moving our stuff in, but I didn't take any exact measurements, so I don't know where everything is going to fit! I know it will, this house is twice the size of the one we are in now.
I think I start to get an idea about where things will go, but then I remember another piece of furniture... Should I make a list of all the big pieces we have, what I want to keep, then what rooms they might go in? Or should I just wait until we start moving stuff in and drive the heavy lifters crazy?
I took advantage of the Glidden free paint giveaway that Katie announced on Friday, so I have to wait and see what the colors I picked will actually looked like in person. Problem is, I wanted to get some painting done before we move too much stuff in and the Glidden people are saying the paint will take 3-4 weeks to arrive.... Hmmm.
It just seems like there is going to be so much to do and I know we have the rest of our lives to get it done, but I am all about instant gratification. I want it all done now! Grr. And I want somebody to make the paint color decisions for me. My family is not all about redecorating every few years, so a paint decision seems very final to me. I know it's not, especially after ready about G&D repainting the kitchen four times! I would very much like to paint the ceilings and the radiators with a cream tone instead of a white, but I am worried that I will pick something that will not match all of the wall tones. Okay, now I am whining... Nevermind. It will all be great! I just need to grown some patience.

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