Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bee Sting?

This is what happens when your poor puppy pooch gets stung by a bee...

Isn't that the most awful thing? My poor baby. It was 15 min. after the vet closed last Sat., so I called my mom, who's next door neighbor works for the Humane Society. She told me to give her two Benadryl and listen for breathing problems. I called my fiance, who was out at the bike shop, he told me to put baking soda and water on it. I did both, then she puked up the pills, so I had to take her to the emergency clinic. Luckily Veterinary Specialty Services is about 1/2 mile away, so we got there in no time. They gave her a shot, checked her vitals, and we were good to go. $105 poorer.
Then I came last Monday and the whole right side of her face was swollen! Argh! Mr. had come and gone, letting her out and back in, not noticing(although there was probably nothing to see when he left). So I gave her two more Benadryl and the swelling went down, yay!!


Freckles Chick said...

Poor darling! I can't help but give in to those sad eyes. Hope she's doing better!

Bee Sting Cure said...

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